Air temperature sensor

Air temperature Sensors are the ideal solution for maintaining optimal and consistent temperatures within offices, universities, labs and more. Our easy to deploy solution safeguards the integrity, quality, and safety of your critical assets.

Gain insight, analysis, and control of your business

Reduce costs and save time

Gain peace of mind through automation

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors are the ideal solution for maintaining optimal and consistent temperatures within offices, universities, labs and more. Our easy-to-deploy solution safeguards the integrity, quality, and safety of your critical assets.

Temperature humidity sensor

Our wireless air temperature sensors are low-maintenance, easy to install thanks to ultra-low-power wireless technology and have a battery life of up to 10 years.

Temperature monitoring system

We have industry-leading Temperature Monitoring Systems, from wireless food temperature monitoring systems to wireless temperature monitoring for pharmaceuticals, life science, hospitality, Universities & more.

Some of the most important industries require temperature control to function. Therefore, wireless temperature monitoring systems are essential parts of the pharmaceutical, medical, and laboratory industries as well as food safety. These industries must have the right technology in place to ensure safety. It is also crucial to demonstrate that whatever they create, produce, store, and sell, whether it be food, pharmaceuticals, medicines, or other critical goods, is within the safety parameters that have been set for them.

To manage a temperature-controlled environment and to demonstrate compliance with national and international standards, temperature monitoring software offers the opportunity to view real-time, and historical temperature data from any web browser-enabled device. Securely observe and administer a wireless temperature monitoring system, enabling remote actions and targeted corrective measures.


Energy Savings

Temperature trends provide cost saving opportunities

Reliable and Accurate Reporting

Creates commercial reports that include charts and graphs that are useful for inspections

Inspection Ratings

Using a wireless temperature monitor can boost reputation and inspection results

Consistent Readings

Our sensors provide accurate, live monitoring by taking readings at regular intervals

Saves on insurance and costs

Decreases stock losses due to temperature changes

Compliance with Regulations

Our sensors offer straightforward and precise compliance with regulatory requirements

Temperature Notifications

SMS & email notifications of temperature changes or battery problems sent to users

Wireless Sensors

Easy-to-install, zero disruption and downtime.

How to choose a temperature and humidity sensor

One of the most often utilised IoT devices is the temperature and humidity sensor. These offer the actual air temperature and/or humidity conditions in indoor or outdoor settings.

The majority of our sensors employ LoRaWAN, an enhanced service quality and long battery life IoT multi-technology that is high-performing, power-efficient, and low-cost.

Logicall temperature sensors offer:

  • Low peak current enables batteries to operate at their maximum capacity for a long period of time, providing continuous use of devices for years at a time.
  • Extreme sensitivity and precision. The maximum precision may be provided by these Air Temprature sensors by integrating different technologies.
  • Lightweight and robust, sensors can be deployed in any location.

Why choose Logicall Monitoring?

Our Sensors Will Save You Time and Money…

Powerful, advanced IoT solutions that you can deploy, scale, and manage at your fingertips. Utilise real-time alerts and analysis to anticipate and predict problems.

Our temperature sensors driven by LoRaWAN offer real-time data on your most important assets, and our intelligent analytics platform can anticipate, predict, and stop equipment malfunctions. The options are boundless with plug-and-play IoT solutions.

Here at Logicall, we work with you to understand the goals of your business to create bespoke monitoring solutions around your business needs.