Healthcare Monitoring

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Free up staff time and improve asset management. Our easy to deploy solution requires zero IT connection and can be installed in minutes. 

IoT devices provide real-time data on your critical healthcare assets, whether it’s the safe storage of drugs, monitoring patient dining facilities, clinical research, facilities management or fire safety. Our latest solution creates a network of smart devices to provide insight, analysis and control of your organization.

Smoke Detection

Our LoRaWAN Wireless smoke sensors have a battery life of over 3 years and without wiring take seconds to install. Receive real-time temperature, smoke and tamper alerts with superior range connectivity.

Panic Button Alert System

Use panic alert buttons on walls, under desks or on lanyards to ensure employee and customer safety, when activated text and email alerts are sent in case of emergencies.

Waste / Bin Monitoring

Our Wireless sensor fits into your existing indoor and outdoor bins providing bin status detection such as full/empty, flame risk and incline (fall risk)

Desk Occupancy

Feedback / Servey Monitoring

Collect feedback effortlessly with a panel or button in any area where customer feedback is essential, results sent straight to your dashboard in real-time.

Tank Level Monitoring

Easily monitor grain bins, water tanks and more. Reduce risk in any location where the surface level may rise or fall over time, preset your thresholds for immediate alerts.