Why Manual Temperature Checks Are a Thing of the Past

Why Manual Temperature Checks Are a Thing of the Past

In today’s modern age, manual temperature checks seem archaic. They’re tedious, often inaccurate, and can cost businesses in time, money, and stock. Enter automated monitoring, the contemporary solution to these age-old challenges.

Decoding Food Safety Regulations

A deep dive into food safety regulations reveals meticulous requirements:

  • 2.4: Temperature-sensitive foods must remain under strict temperature control, with recordings made at least three times daily and records maintained for a year.
  • 3.5: Ensure that temperature-sensitive foods are kept cool during preparation and promptly returned to the prescribed temperature control.
  • 4.1: All food should be thoroughly cooked, achieving a core temperature of 75°C. Record these temperatures and preserve the data for 12 months.
  • 4.3: Foods designated for cooking must be chilled and stored at temperatures below 8°C within 90 minutes. Post-cooking, the temperature should drop below 5°C within the same duration.

With such rigorous standards to uphold, it’s no wonder our chefs often seem to be under constant pressure.

The Changing Landscape of Food Safety

Regulatory bodies continually evolve food safety laws, especially within the catering sector. While the intentions are undoubtedly for the public good, it can feel overwhelming, especially for smaller establishments. Just consider the need to monitor temperature-sensitive foods thrice daily and retain the data for a year.

Assuming an average establishment, dedicating over an hour daily to manual temperature checks while juggling a myriad of other responsibilities can be daunting. And even if some establishments boast digital cold storage displays, their reliability often falls short compared to specialised equipment.

Logicall: The Modern Solution to Traditional Problems

Why endure these challenges when a straightforward solution is at your fingertips?

For less than £20 a month, Logicall offers 24/7 monitoring for all your cold storage units. Temperature readings are taken at your preferred intervals, instantly uploaded to the cloud, and stored indefinitely.

Accessibility is a breeze. Whether you’re in Australia or just around the corner, monitor your cold storage units from any web-enabled device. And for those who crave efficiency, generate reports or schedule weekly temperature audits in mere seconds.

What was once deemed a luxury, continuous monitoring has now become an affordable necessity. Reach out to Logicall today and discover how wireless temperature monitoring can redefine your operations.

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