GenesisCare and Logicall: Revolutionising Cancer Treatment Safety with Smart Monitoring

GenesisCare and Logicall: Revolutionising Cancer Treatment Safety with Smart Monitoring

GenesisCare stands at the forefront of cancer treatment across the nation, delivering unparalleled care to those grappling with significant health challenges. A pivotal aspect of their commitment is ensuring the optimal temperature in treatment rooms and, crucially, cold storage units. This isn’t merely about equipment efficiency—it’s about the very effectiveness of life-saving treatments.

The Pre-Logicall Era: Manual Monitoring

Before our collaboration, GenesisCare relied on manual probes coupled with daily written checks. This method, although diligent, was labour-intensive and left room for potential human error. Upon understanding how Logicall Enterprise could transform and automate their temperature monitoring, GenesisCare was keen to upgrade.

Seamless Implementation with Expertise

Our rollout was meticulous and phased. Spreading the installation over several days ensured that each site received individualised attention from our skilled engineers. On average, a site needed about an hour for full sensor integration, with each requiring 8-10 sensors. After the hardware setup, we tailored the temperature thresholds to GenesisCare’s precise specifications and onboarded their staff to our platform. Comprehensive onsite training ensured that the team at Genesis could harness the full potential of their new monitoring system.

Elevated Monitoring Across All Sites

Now, numerous GenesisCare locations across the UK boast our state-of-the-art remote monitoring system. Not only do site managers receive real-time alerts for any temperature anomalies, but the tedious task of monthly compliance checks has been transformed into an automated process, with temperature data logs directly delivered to their inboxes.

Our system’s precision and reliability have proven invaluable, catching every single temperature breach and thereby nullifying the risk of inventory loss. Lavina David, Head Pharmacist at GenesisCare, testifies to the transformative impact: “The system has been absolutely fantastic, making temperature checks and reporting significantly more streamlined. We wholeheartedly recommend Logicall to others.”

With over three months since the Logicall Enterprise integration, GenesisCare continues to experience the benefits of modernised, efficient, and reliable temperature monitoring.

For a deeper insight into how Logicall can elevate your operations, reach out at [email protected] or dial 01672 569374.


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