Sodexo Leverages Logicall for Streamlined HACCP Compliance Monitoring

Sodexo Leverages Logicall for Streamlined HACCP Compliance Monitoring

One of Buckinghamshire’s largest hospitals, Stoke Mandeville, has witnessed a significant upgrade in its dining facilities, all thanks to Sodexo’s continuous commitment to excellence and innovation.

Revamping Monitoring Capabilities with Logicall

Embarking on a journey to bolster their monitoring capabilities, Sodexo collaborated with Logicall to bring top-tier monitoring systems to Stoke Mandeville Hospital’s patient dining facilities. With the deployment of 34 temperature sensors and a mere 9 gateways, the entirety of patient dining locations spanning the vast 1,600-acre site—including fridges, freezers, and walk-in units—now benefits from state-of-the-art monitoring.

These advanced temperature sensors come equipped with an external probe, granting Sodexo dual readings: one for air temperature and another for core sample temperature. This dual-layered approach ensures precise, reliable data, pivotal for compliance.

Automating HACCP Compliance for Enhanced Safety

Historically, HACCP compliance posed challenges for Sodexo, given their reliance on manual readings. Embracing automation seemed the logical next step to bolster accuracy and, more crucially, patient safety.

After a comprehensive two-year search for the ideal solution, Logicall emerged as the clear choice. The reasons for this selection were manifold:

  • Real-time automated monitoring coupled with daily compliance reports delivered directly to their inbox.
  • An adaptable system boasting reliability and flexibility, allowing seamless upgrades and scaling.
  • Hassle-free installation complemented by unparalleled ongoing support.

However, the crowning feature was Logicall’s stand-alone capability, eliminating the need for any IT connectivity. This ensured maximum data protection and IT security, particularly crucial for safeguarding patient information.

April Harvey, Head of Safety & Risk at Sodexo UKI – Healthcare, lauded the initiative, stating, “Logicall’s scalable, innovative, and disruptive solution will undeniably reshape how Sodexo conducts checks, amplifying compliance, and ensuring the safety of our staff, clients, and patients.”

A Flourishing Partnership with Future Horizons

The synergy between Sodexo and Logicall doesn’t end here. Plans are already underway to extend this innovative monitoring solution to numerous Sodexo facilities across the nation, with ambitions to expand monitoring parameters to encompass energy and air quality.

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