Royal Stoke University Hospital Elevates Patient Dining Safety with Logicall’s Automated Monitoring


Royal Stoke University Hospital Elevates Patient Dining Safety with Logicall’s Automated Monitoring

The diligent patient dining team at Royal Stoke University Hospital can now tick one less task off their daily checklist. Thanks to Logicall’s innovative Monitoring Solution, the chore of manual fridge and freezer temperature checks is history.

Seamless and Speedy Installation

Guided by Sodexo’s esteemed Health and Safety manager, Boyd Young, our state-of-the-art LoRa (Long Range) monitoring system seamlessly integrated into RSUH’s sprawling patient dining areas, bustling retail outlets, and efficient regen kitchens—in just a single day.

Over 15 distinct patient dining zones, including expansive patient dining kitchens, multiple Costa Coffee and Subway outlets, as well as numerous ward kitchens and storage spaces, are now under the vigilant eye of 10 strategically positioned LoRa gateways.

Precision and Efficiency in Monitoring

Our skilled engineers ensured the gateway placement optimised data accuracy and consistency for the Royal Stoke Hospital team. Each gateway required only a power source to initiate its internal cellular connection, swiftly starting its communication with numerous area sensors.

As for the sensors, their installation was a breeze! These compact temperature sensors, easily secured onto the cold storage unit racks with cable ties, instantly start recording and reporting temperature data. Enhanced with an additional wired external probe, Sodexo now gets dual temperature insights: core food temperature, and the ambient air temperature.

These cost-effective sensors, not only discreet but also boasting a 10-year battery life, are revolutionising food safety measures at RSUH.

A Look Ahead: Innovative Automations on the Horizon

With the foundational system and LoRa infrastructure firmly in place, Boyd is raring to explore more avenues of automation within the hospital. Come early 2022, RSUH will witness the roll-out of Door Contact and Leak Detection Sensors. Paired with audible and visual alerts, these sensors promise the Sodexo Facilities Management Team deeper insights, massive time savings, and considerable cost reductions.

Echoing the sentiments of this transformative collaboration, April Harvey, the Head of Safety & Risk at Sodexo UKI – Healthcare, remarked, “Logicall’s trailblazing technology is poised to redefine how Sodexo approaches checks, enhancing compliance and ensuring optimal safety.”

Our Ongoing Commitment with Sodexo

Logicall is thrilled to fortify our partnership with Sodexo, offering:

  • Real-time monitoring with automated compliance reports.
  • A reliable system, ready for expansions and upgrades.
  • Live alerts tailored for prompt interventions.
  • A standalone framework, bypassing IT connectivity needs.

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