Royal Chesterfield Hospital: Pioneering Patient Dining Safety with State-of-the-Art Monitoring


Royal Chesterfield Hospital: Pioneering Patient Dining Safety with State-of-the-Art Monitoring

Royal Chesterfield Hospital, the solitary acute district general hospital in North Derbyshire, has taken a monumental leap forward in ensuring optimal patient dining safety. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology now allows them to fully automate food safety compliance in record time.

A Swift Transformation

It was an operation of precision: 13 sensors, a singular gateway, and just 75 minutes. Gone are the days of laborious manual checks and concerns over temperature discrepancies. Now, everything from kitchen fridges and freezers to cold rooms and walk-ins is under constant surveillance. These facilities are monitored round the clock for air temperature, core temperature, and humidity, ensuring unwavering food safety standards.

A standout feature is the ease of data access for the kitchen staff. They can view critical metrics from any web-enabled device. Additionally, the proactive system dispatches instant alerts to the team via text and email if any temperature breach occurs, ensuring timely interventions.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Support

Under the guidance of Sodexo’s esteemed Patient Services Manager, Helen Butcher, Logicall’s Business Development Manager, Curtis Taylor, executed the sensor installation within an hour. A subsequent 15-minute session ensured the staff had a basic understanding of the system’s operations—a perfect fit for the bustling environment of the NHS. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Curtis has plans to revisit the Chesterfield team, offering them more in-depth training, ensuring they derive maximum value from this new tech addition.

The Logicall Promise with Sodexo

Our collaboration with Sodexo aims to bring about transformative changes, including:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring coupled with automated daily compliance reports.
  • A dependable, adaptable system ready for future expansions and upgrades.
  • Live alerts tailored to flexible parameters, ensuring swift responses.
  • A standalone system eliminating the need for IT connectivity, ensuring seamless operations.

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