Logicall Temperature Monitoring: Addressing Common Inquiries

Logicall Temperature Monitoring: Addressing Common Inquiries

When it comes to ensuring the quality and safety of perishables, temperature monitoring is crucial. Logicall provides advanced solutions for a myriad of business needs. Here are some commonly asked questions to help guide your decision:

1. Can I expand my sensor count as my business grows?
Absolutely. Our system is designed to scale with your needs, and there’s no restriction on the number of sensors you can integrate.

2. Are the sensors suitable for deep freeze environments like -18°C freezers?
Yes. Our standard sensors work seamlessly in fridges, freezers, or even at room temperatures. For freezers, we also provide an external probe option that optimizes battery life and boosts communication range.

3. What if my establishment lacks Wi-Fi connectivity?
Not a problem. Our gateway is versatile – it can connect via Wi-Fi, directly through a LAN connection, or even use a Cellular gateway.

4. Is the installation process complicated?
No. Setting up is a breeze. Just attach the sensors using cable ties, plug in the gateway, name your sensors, and you’re all set. You’ll start logging data within a quarter of an hour.

5. What if I face issues with the software?
We’ve got your back. Our team is always ready to assist you, either over a phone call or through email.

6. How durable is the battery inside a refrigerator?
Our batteries are built to last, offering approximately 3 years of service in fridge conditions.

7. Can I simply overlook the alerts?
No. Our system is designed to persistently prompt you to check and clear alerts. This ensures you’re always informed about any discrepancies.

8. Can multiple team members access the temperature data?
Certainly. We don’t cap user numbers. Every user has a unique login, providing transparency on system access. Furthermore, administrative roles can set varying access levels and permissions for different users.

9. I manage several cafes. Can I get an overview of all at once?
Of course. Our system lets you consolidate data for a comprehensive corporate view.

10. Is there a recurring annual fee for the software?
For smaller setups, we offer a standalone system with built-in software, free of annual charges. However, larger setups spanning multiple sites will utilize our Cloud-based system, which comes with annual fees to cover data storage and ongoing updates.

Bonus: Can I opt for a lease instead of a purchase? What are the perks?
Yes, you can. We provide a 36-month lease option which can be a financially astute choice. Leasing reduces upfront costs compared to an outright purchase.


We understand that every business has unique needs. Whether you’re a small cafe or a multi-outlet enterprise, Logicall is here to offer tailored temperature monitoring solutions. Visit our website or get in touch to explore more.

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