Haywood Hospital Strikes Gold with Automated Temperature Monitoring

Haywood Hospital Strikes Gold with Automated Temperature Monitoring, Echoing Burslem’s Iconic Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor

Nestled in Burslem, the Haywood Hospital has embarked on a transformative journey, bringing in state-of-the-art technology to streamline fridge temperature monitoring. This change empowers the diligent patient dining team to channel their energies where it truly counts!

Transitioning to a Modern, Efficient Monitoring System

Gone are the days of tedious manual checks that were prone to errors. Thanks to the innovative system, HACCP compliance at Haywood Hospital is now a streamlined, precise, and hassle-free process.

Staff members can now breathe easy, knowing that each fridge, freezer, storage area, and more, is under vigilant surveillance, reporting temperature readings in real-time. Any deviations from set parameters don’t go unnoticed, triggering immediate alerts, escalations, and prompt investigations.

Broadening the Monitoring Horizon

Boyd Young, Haywood’s Health Safety and Fire Manager, is enthusiastic about the potential of expanding the monitoring reach, introducing a diverse array of sensors and fully harnessing the capabilities of the Logicall system.

A Decade of Reliable Monitoring

The 24 sensors, meticulously installed in Haywood’s dining facilities, are not just efficient but incredibly enduring. Boasting a battery lifespan of a whopping 10 years, every single temperature reading is securely stored and can be harnessed for analysis for as long as the system is operational. What’s even more impressive is the ease and speed of installation. These rugged, water-resistant sensors were set up in under an hour, illustrating efficiency at its best.

April Harvey, the Head of Safety & Risk at Sodexo UKI – Healthcare, extolled the virtues of this partnership, stating, “Logicall’s scalable, innovative technology is set to revolutionise how Sodexo conducts checks, optimising compliance, and ensuring unparalleled safety.”

Looking Ahead with Logicall and Sodexo

Our collaboration promises:

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring with automated compliance reports.
  • An adaptable and precise system, primed for upgrades and expansions.
  • Live alerts tailored to ensure prompt responses.
  • A stand-alone design that operates seamlessly without IT connectivity.

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