Concord Medical Centre: Pioneering Remote Monitoring in Patient Care

Concord Medical Centre: Pioneering Remote Monitoring in Patient Care

Concord Medical Centre, a recipient of the prestigious ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), continues to solidify its reputation as a forward-thinking GP practice. Their latest step towards innovation? Embracing remote monitoring across their operations with the help of Logicall Enterprise.

Overcoming Structural Challenges with Advanced Tech

Spread across two expansive buildings, the centre faced significant challenges in achieving seamless data transmission using conventional monitoring systems. However, Logicall’s cutting-edge Long Range radio frequency technology effortlessly bridged these gaps, ensuring comprehensive coverage within minutes.

Ensuring Crucial Temperature Monitoring

Concord’s focus was precise: monitor pharmacies’ cold storage units, select ambient rooms, fridge units, and critically, a dedicated unit for Covid-19 vaccines. In an era where accurate and prompt data is paramount, the transition to automated monitoring was a logical step forward.

Historically reliant on manual probes and daily written checks, Concord quickly recognised the benefits of Logicall’s automation capabilities and was eager to adopt the technology.

Swift and Expert Installation

In just about an hour, a trained Logicall engineer had the entire system up and running. A central gateway followed by 10 discreet temperature sensors were strategically installed within the facility. Our team then tailored temperature thresholds to Concord’s specifications and onboarded the necessary personnel to the system. Given the multi-departmental nature of the buildings, we fine-tuned alert configurations, ensuring specific individuals received notifications pertinent to their respective departments. Comprehensive on-site training followed, ensuring Concord could maximise their system’s potential.

Reaping the Rewards of Modern Monitoring

Today, Concord revels in the benefits of state-of-the-art remote monitoring. Department heads are equipped with real-time temperature breach alerts and have also witnessed a transformation in their compliance processes, with automated monthly temperature logs now delivered directly to their inboxes.

And the icing on the cake? Logicall’s system has flawlessly detected every single temperature deviation, nullifying potential inventory losses. Sarah Britton, a pharmacist at Concord, endorses the system, stating, “Logicall Enterprise is a game-changer. The time saved from manual logging and its user-friendly interface, coupled with stellar customer service, makes it invaluable to us.”

Six months post-installation, Logicall Enterprise continues to bolster safety and efficiency at Concord Medical Centre.

Discover Logicall’s Innovations

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